2020 CCPA Leadership Nominations Now Open!

Have you considered expanding your professional development with CCPA leadership? Know someone who would be a great leader for CCPA? Consider nominating yourself or someone you know to be part of 2020 CCPA Leadership team!

Click here to start nominating!

All candidates interested in an appointed position must currently be or become a member of CCPA.

Appointed positions are generally project based (for example, you have a specific program you’d like to implement within CCPA). Appointed positions are part of the CCPA leadership and have the same expectations of participation. Some anticipated project needs:

Reaching out to graduate students and graduate prep programs
Serving on the professional development steering committee
Coordinating the CCPA social in ACPA 2020
Serving as the Awards chair

If there are any questions regarding volunteering, appointments, or elections, please contact us at [email protected]. If you are interested in getting involved but perhaps not for one of the elected positions, we do have several appointed positions open that will largely work with institutions in their region to drive CCPA involvement!

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