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Position: Director of Communications

Candidate: Michael Wallace

Over the past few months, I have enjoyed transitioning into the Director of Communications role. Learning about CCPA and working on the leadership team has been a growing experience for me, and I want to continue growing within my current role. I find communication strategies to be an essential part of an organization that assists with increasing members, sustaining interest and involvement, and creating a space for folks to feel valued and a part of something bigger than themselves. I’m interested in maintaining the strategies we have in place such as email communication, social media, and website management. I’m also interested in creating new avenues to strengthen our members’ commitment to CCPA and their surrounding communities in higher education (i.e. a podcast or newsletter series, using our platforms to affirm the work of our members, and pipe lining graduate student affairs interest into a professional organization). For these reasons and more, I’d love to continue the work I’m doing to better serve our CCPA communities throughout California.

Position: Director of Professional Development

Candidate: Janeece Hayes

Janeece Hayes currently serves as the Associate Director of Student Life at California College of the Arts. Janeece has a Master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration from University of Central Missouri, and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources from Oakland University. Janeece began her professional career in the state of California as a Hall Director at the University of San Francisco in 2005, and has served in positions across the student affairs profession in residential life, student life and student activities. Janeece has a passion for supporting students through addressing basic needs like food and housing insecurity, as well as developing future leaders in the profession through mentorship of graduate students. Janeece is a master-event planner, specifically having spent the last four years of her time at California College of the Arts primarily responsible for planning New Student Orientation, as well as supporting the college’s Annual Commencement Ceremonies (and dozens of moderate to small scale events in between). She has also been a regular attendee of and often volunteer at CCPA’s Annual Institutes. She has first hand experience with how CCPA has run events in the past. She is well connected in the field of higher education, with over 15 years of experience in residential life, student life, orientation, student leadership and more. Through her work she has supervised and mentored many new professionals, and shows a strong commitment towards engaging professionals through various means of development.

Candidate: Mia Reisweber, PhD

Dr. Mia Reisweber is running for the Director of the Professional Development committee for CCPA 2019. She is an intentional student affairs practitioner who recently completed her PhD in Higher Education Administration from Saint Louis University. Dr. Reisweber transition to the student affairs field in 2015 after teaching composition, research courses, and pre-college writing classes at various public universities. Her passion for life-long learning and assisting others in seeking their own opportunities to build their professional dossiers has inspired her to get involved with professional development in CCPA. Dr. Reisweber is new to California and the CSU community, but she has developed a professional network from New York to Hawaii to Missouri and Texas by way of her role in higher education and as a military spouse to a US Army service member. She fiercely believes in fostering authentic learning experiences and creative opportunities for growth and development.

Position: President-Elect

Candidate: Julia Stanton

For the last year, I served as the Director of Professional Development for CCPA. In this time, I worked to continue the organization’s tradition of offering accessible, affordable opportunities for professional engagement.  We held a successful spring institute at the University of Southern California on “Intersectionality and Inclusion,” featuring keynotes and sessions on topics that aligned with ACPA/NASPA’s Social Justice and Inclusion competency. It is imperative that CCPA continue to offer meaningful opportunities for professional across the state to connect and learn from one another, and as President-Elect, I would support and coach those in leadership who are building and creating professional development for our membership.

As the Director of Professional Development this past year, I attended the Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day, the ACPA Presidential Symposium, and the ACPA national conference in Houston and continue to be impressed by the dedication and adaptability of student affairs and higher education professionals in the state of California. The concerns and grievances that those of us in higher education are encountering both on-campus and in our personal lives are strenuous and emotionally draining. The values that remain at the core of our work and our being give us collectively the strength and determination to continue to be present, innovate, and advocate for change. I believe that continuing to share the inspiration, innovation, and best practices that we develop for our students and our institutions will give us hope amidst the difficulties and roadblocks that we face.  

As President-Elect, I would seek to brand and mold this organization as a platform for solidarity and story sharing that empowers and affirms our identities, our passions, and our work. I fully support ACPA’s Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization and believe this must be at the core of the future of CCPA. A core component of my leadership would involve collaborating with others to envision ways to synthesize this imperative into the organization’s daily operations and the resources CCPA offers.

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