CCPA New Nominations & Election Cycle

We would like to thank you for your patience regarding our nominations for volunteer and leadership positions within CCPA. As you know, the current CCPA leadership team members have been engaged in on-going conversations about aligning our current election cycle (Aug-July) with the ACPA International Office (Jan-Dec). We have determined to proceed with re-aligning our election cycle to mirror that of the ACPA International Office.

By enacting this new election cycle, CCPA will:

  • Better reflect the election cycle of the ACPA International Office
  • Allow for a more seamless transition among our regional and international leadership positions
  • Allow for CCPA to better plan and coordinate professional development opportunities for our members that account for other opportunities

Moving forward, nominations for our 2019 leadership team are now open! If you submitted your nomination previously, your nomination will still be considered. If you would like to remove a previous nomination, please let us know.

Nominations for 2019 are due by November 9, 2018, and must be submitted via this Google Form.

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