ACPA and NASPA are soliciting feedback on updated competencies for Student Affairs Practitioners

The following letter was sent out to ACPA members earlier today via e-mail:

Dear Colleague,

We have had the good fortune of co-chairing the ACPA and NASPA Professional Competencies Task Force over the past six months with an extraordinary group of colleagues (see below).  The Task Force was charged to:

  • Scan the landscape of student affairs and higher education to ensure that the competencies are up-to-date with current scholarship and practice;
  • Review the threads of technology, sustainability, and globalism to determine whether these areas of practice require the creation of additional competency areas or a reframing of existing ones; and,
  • Determine if any of the content areas should be considered for removal or revision in order to provide a comprehensive set of competencies for student affairs practitioners in the modern era.

We’ve considered all charges and have reviewed all professional competencies thoroughly since the Task Force was commissioned.  We engaged our membership and boards at the ACPA convention and NASPA conference.  We now want to offer all members a chance to weigh-in on our recommendations.

Please review our recommended changes to the competency publication created and approved in 2010.  Upon review, please offer your feedback to us as it is most important.  Note that this feedback process (website and feedback form) will be available to you from April 9-24. Please take the time to participate for ACPA and NASPA Professional Competencies are critical work of our profession. We will review and consider all recommendations offered and incorporate, as needed, into our final recommendations to the ACPA Governing Board and NASPA Board of Directors this summer.

Thanks in advance for all you will contribute,

Patricia A. Perillo, Ph.D.                     Berenecea J. Eanes, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs       Vice President for Student Affairs
Virginia Tech                                       California State University, Fullerton

On behalf of the entire Task Force:

  • Dr. Tricia Fechter, ACPA-College Student Educators International
  • Stephanie Gordon, NASPA
  • Dr. Pamela Havice, Clemson University
  • Dr. John L. Hoffman, California State University, Fullerton
  • Dr. Quincy Martin III, Triton College
  • Dr. Laura Osteen, Florida State University
  • Dr. Jason B. Pina, Bridgewater State University
  • Will Simpkins, CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice
  • Vu T. Tran, The Ohio State University-Columbus
  • Dr. Bridget Turner Kelly, Loyola University-Chicago
  • Dr. Case  Willoughby, Butler County Community College