Join ACPA thru CA State Chapter-CCPA!

If you haven’t read or received the latest email from ACPA you may be missing out! For the next three years ACPA is offering promotional pricing for those that join ACPA through their State Chapter! Benefits include:

  • Weekly eCommunity bulletin,
  • Quarterly issue of Developments,
  • Six issues of About Campus,
  • Eight issues of our esteemed journal Journal of College Student Development.
  • AND Access to all member releases on ACPA Video On Demand.


If you sign up before Friday, May 15, you will receive a complimentary copy of the newly released book, “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube” by esteemed author, Erik Qualman. To receive your complimentary copy, please e-mail Ankur T. Ponda, Senior Lead, ACPA Belong and tell him what ACPA means to YOU!

Promotional pricing is as follows:

New Members (Never before affiliated with the State or ACPA)

  • Year 1-$30
  • Year 2 – $60
  • Year 3 – $90

New Graduate Members (Never before affiliated with the state or ACPA)

  • Year 1 – $15
  • Year 2 -$30
  • Year 3 – $45

All Renewals

  • $90


For questions,  email or call Ankur T. Ponda, Senior Lead, ACPA Belong, at 1.202.759.4831.